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Being obese hurts your pocket, massively. £786 each month for women and £613 for men.

A 2010 Study by George Washington University reasearchers in the US, calculated that obese women spend an extra £786 a month due to the excess weight compared to women with healthy BMI’s (adjusted for inflation and exchange rates).

This is a whopping £9,440 a year.

The same study showed obese men pay an extra £7,356 per year.

All of our packages are not only effectively free, but you can save over £526, each month, once you reach your healthy weight. The reasons for these costs are discussed in detail in our members-only newsletters.

We will create a personalised roadmap helping you achieve your goals.

The Symn Clinic will help improve your physical and mental health. Our unique methods will reduce your risk of strokes, heart attacks and Cancer as well as an early death. We will help improve your quality of life for decades to come.

Our patients, on average, use our treatments for 3-4 months, depending on initial weight. Once they reach a healthy BMI, they maintain their new weight due to the healthy habits they adopted as well as internal bodily changes.

Begin your weight loss journey with The Symn Clinic and start 2023 in the best possible way.

Finally, how would you spend the extra £786 you’ll save every month?

Body Transformation.

Body’s Pension Pot.

By maintaining a healthy weight throughout your upcoming decades, you will improve your quality of life during those years, but more importantly during those latter, harder years.

Years of excess weight will damage your joints and spine and mobility will be difficult and often painful. Many surgeons will not operate on morbidly obese patients as the complications and mortality rates are so much higher.

By mitigating the risks of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, you will be able to enjoy those latter years without those debilitating conditions.

Invest into your most important pension pot, your health

The Symn Clinic will help you improve your:

Physical Health: By reducing your risk of stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and CANCER.

Mental Health: Obese patients are found to have a 55% higher risk of developing depression. A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise improves mental wellbeing and health

Financial Health: Obese women spend at least £786 a month more than those who have a healthy BMI while it’s £613 for men. This is money already being spent every month just by being obese.

Quality of life: As well as the above benefits, be less fatigued, more energetic, better off, happier and healthier.

Reduce your risk of getting:

A Stroke

Heart Attack

High Blood Pressure




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