After I had the kids, I found it harder and harder to lose the extra weight – I’d end up eating their leftovers on most days, so it doesn’t go in the bin, as well as my own plate.

After school is chaos and by the time the kids are in bed, I am too exhausted to exercise. I end up snacking, watching a show and then sleeping. I knew all that before but didn’t have the motivation to snap out of it.

I was worried that reducing my appetite would mean I would be tired and unable to concentrate, I’m not sure how but it’s done the opposite!

A big change in me is that by knowing I am only eating a fraction of what I used to, I had to make sure those meals I did eat were healthy and had the correct balance. Cutting out sugars makes me feel so much better, sorry I’m not explaining it very well.

After 10 days, I really began to see changes in the mirror, that just made me want to exercise as much as I could. I am nearly where I want my weight to be but generally I feel so much better.

Mrs. N, 40, London

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