Dr. Samir Suliman

Dr. Suliman graduated Summa cum laude from medical school. Whilst training to become a surgeon, he designed a software system for doctors and patients that allowed monitoring of patients remotely and potentially altering management.
Samir has prescribed nearly 20,000 Ozempic pens alone and we are thrilled he has joined our team.

“I am a strong advocate for the safe and correct use of Semaglutide. I’ve seen first hand the amazing results that can be achieved with Wegovy.
Obesity impacts every facet of patients lives and can cause mental and physical, along with practical, issues for them and their loved ones.
Obesity can lead to strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and over 13 types of cancer including bowel, breast, liver and pancreatic. It can have a huge impact on one’s mental health and well-being.

Ultimately it leads to early death and latter years that are spent battling these serious conditions instead of enjoying those years.
I’m passionate about helping people achieve their ideal weight and improving their mental and physical health, Wegovy can be the catalyst for that.”

Dr. Nouran Hayder MrcPsych

Dr. Nouran joins us from her work as a doctor in Psychiatry in both the NHS and the Private sector. Her unique insight into the mental aspects of weight management, addictions and therapy will benefit our patients and allow them to get the latest expertise in effective, personalised weight management treatment.

“I am an associate specialist in psychiatry with over 11 years experience as a doctor. Managing patients with mental health conditions has given me a unique perspective of how the mind works. I have a profound appreciation for the effect that obesity and struggles with weight loss/gain can have on one’s self-esteem and mental state. Each case of unwanted weight gain is different, which is why the weight loss journey with Symn Clinic extends beyond just treatment and offers a level of “hand-holding” support to ensure positive results.

Our team will ensure we deliver a personalized service for all our clients. I am excited to join the team at The Symn Clinic and provide a service that is in such high demand.”